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The idea of Ciferon was born when..

We came into touch with a newly opened restaurant in Nagpur. The team came up with a cloud-based restaurant management solution in the year 2016. This solution was effective in solving the daily problems of restaurant owners in addition to the basic services of POS, Inventory and Accounting.

With each passing day,

The team spent their time in understanding the restaurant business, their problems and how we can provide them a way out of it. In 2017 the team came out with many features that are must to run a successful restaurant but was missing in all of the solutions in the industry.

The team decided to build an end to end mangement software for restaurants, any business is all about the digits & numbers, thus, we named its as a CIFERON. In Esperanto Ciferon means DIGITS.

In the mid of 2018,

Ciferon launched the Ciferon Salt - Captain Ordering App, Ciferon Beat - Reporting Application for Owners & integrations with Zomato, PayTM, PhonePe any many more. Ciferon increases the business profit by maintaining the customer database, loyalty points, and inventory control, Taxes, financial analysis, easy POS System and many more. Check your business reports anywhere, anytime on any device with real-time updates from your back office engine.


To act honestly with the integrity in all transaction & dealings. To provide the reliable tool to service industry to increase the business with respect to time & cost. We strive to offer our customers the optimum price, the best available services & user-friendly software.


We aim to provide food & beverage sector(F&B) an all in one restaurant management solution that caters to every need of a restaurant by driving the industries to the cloud. To help the business realize their potential in the advancing digital world.