Restaurant POS.

Ciferon POS allows your biller to punch the orders easily during the rush hours also.

Easy 3 Click Billing Process

1. Order.

Restaurant POS

2. Bill.

Restaurant POS

3. Settle.

Easy to use
billing screen

Our billing software is user-friendly, allowing you to customize your team’s functions regularly, eliminating needless clutter from your outlet, and allowing your team to prepare bills quickly.

Kitchen-Wise KOT

Different parts of your kitchen may be designated for different cuisines. You can configure numerous KOT printers with ciferon and assign categories to each printer separately. If you have many departments in your kitchen, such as Italian and Chinese, Ciferon can print individual KOTs for each category.

Online Order

Take orders from Swiggy and Zomato straight on the ciferon software, eliminating the need to navigate between multiple apps. Ciferon allows you to connect your online platforms and manage all orders from a single interface. This will allow your biller to accept orders and fulfil them quickly and print invoices instantly.

Offline too

Billing is an extremely important task and that’s why we built Ciferon to work without a hitch, even if your internet goes down. Ciferon can be used offline and is immediately synchronized when you reconnect to the internet. Once your connection is up and running, all data is kept locally and synced to the cloud.

Terminal Billing

If you manage a bigger restaurant, you may need multiple terminals to handle the high amount of orders. Our real-time sync design ensures that all billing terminals are constantly in sync.


Every restaurant has its seating arrangements. You can design and modify tables and sections as needed with ciferon. This lets you accept orders as fast as they arrive, with no mistakes, and simultaneously print invoices and KOTs.

Tax & Discount

The OTP-enabled features in Ciferon allows you to add, remove or modify the discount at your restaurant. You can quickly establish and adjust the various taxes charged at your restaurant based on the services you provide, the location in which you operate, or any tax changes to suit your needs.

Works On
Any Hardware

Ciferon runs smoothly on any hardware, be it a smartphone, laptop, computer, printer, or another device.

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