Captain App

Smarter Service, Simpler Orders with Captain Ordering App

Introducing the Captain Ordering App by Ciferon—an Android application empowering your staff to seamlessly take customer orders, process payments directly at the table, and provide intelligent food recommendations.

Captain App


Managing orders manually is a cumbersome process. Servers constantly juggle with pen and paper, rushing around the restaurant to take orders, manually entering them, generating KOTS, making multiple trips to the billing counter for transactions, and more. This manual back-and-forth increases the risk of missing items on the printed KOTS, causing potential chaos.


Ciferon's Captain Ordering App efficiently addresses these issues. Servers can now take orders directly at the table using the app, ensuring automatic printing and transmission of KOT to the kitchen. Additionally, the app supports various payment modes, enabling seamless transactions right at the customer's table.

Key features

Multiple Devices

Works with multiple devices

Multiple devices synchronize effortlessly with each other & POS, increasing operational efficiency and allowing for real-time updates and optimized processes.


AI recommendation

AI-powered recommendations help improve upselling techniques by providing tailored options based on consumer preferences.


Works without internet

The Captain app's offline feature offers seamless functionality without online connectivity, allowing users to complete tasks and access features even without the internet.


Easy UPI payments

The Captain app enables smooth transactions with quick and efficient UPI and wallet payment choices, resulting in a speedy and user-friendly experience.

feedback qr

Contactless payments

The Captain app enables smooth QR-based transactions under INR 5000, providing consumers with a convenient and quick payment method.


Works on android

User-friendly Android app provides broad compatibility, seamless operation across all platforms, and a better overall user experience.

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customer feedback

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Frequently asked questions

Got questions? We've already got answers. It's like we can hear you thinking.

You have the flexibility to operate the captain app on various Android-based tablets and mobile phones!

Yes, Ciferon Captain App is compatible with both iOS and Android. 

Yes, you can use it as online or offline as per your requirement

It’s fully customisable, as you can restrict the things as per your operations from settings.

Once your enter the customer number, you’ll able to see the complete customer information, such their food behaviours, last visit, average spendings and more

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