Loyalty Program

Create your own daily, weekly or occasionally loyalty program & reward loyalty points to your customers. Give higher rewards to new, website or app-only customers or just simply give back a certain number of points on every order


Increase Visits

Ciferon helps you to increase customer visits by awarding the customized loyalty points

Customized Points

Design a customized loyalty program for Dine-In, Pickup & Delivery Orders by category or items

Occasion Rewards

Create Birthday or Anniversary reward programs for customers & make them feel special

Reward with Items

Instead of giving discounts on value, you can give free items or any merchandise such as on 500 points customer will get a free burger

Points History

Track the complete history of gain & redeemed points by searching the customer name or number in the system

Message Alerts

Customer will get an immediate message of points by your own outlet Sender ID

Offers & Schemes

Set a minimum or maximum amount or just simply give back a certain percentage of discount on every order. By creating exciting offers and schemes attract more customers

Customized Offer

Create an offer to attract more customers. Offer can be direct or in the form of coupon code based on the requirement you can select any one of them

Create Schemes

Create schemes like buy one and get one free, combos and many more schemes to promote your restaurant. By creating special occasion schemes highlight your restaurant and make your customers feel special

Offer History

User can track not only the time period of an offer but also to which customer what offer is given on which day. You will get each and every detailed report

Booklet & Offer

Offers can be created with selective items with customized prices. Items with different discounts and prices can be created using Ciferon booklet

Gold Membership

Create membership programs and promote your restaurant. Increase customer visits by giving exciting and exclusive offers

Offer Status

The offer can be activated or deactivated according to requirement. No need to recreate offer. With slight changes offer and its duration can be customized


Feedback Management

Private feedback features that lets you focus on what’s truly important for growing your customer’s experience. Also improve your service level by Creating powerful online surveys!

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Personalized Link

Feedback SMS feature allows customer to rate your restaurant based on food, ambiance, services etc. Send feedback link via SMS on Customers smartphone.

Item-Wise Feedback

Allow your customer to rate each item and know which item they like the most and where to improve. It will help you to maintain quality of product

Create Feedback Form

Create a feedback form questionnaire and know general thoughts of customer about your restaurant to improve rating.

Customer Feedback SMS

Customer will receive a link via SMS with outlet sender ID, which directs them to feedback form. Once a feedback form is submitted, it will be saved on Ciferon's Admin Panel

Action on Feedbacks

All feedback responses and comments are saved on Ciferon Admin Panel. Mark "reviewed" once response is seen or required action is taken

Feedback Analytics

Feedback report is a useful tool to keep customers responses,track performance daily, weekly, monthly, etc. And it shows where you need to improve.

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