Restaurant Inventory Management

Helps to keep food costs under control and streamline vendor management with Ciferon’s Inventory management solution

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Preserve your inventory from being theft, misuse, & waste. With inventory management system, you can keep a real-time track of your inventory items. Moreover, you can maintain and plan entire purchase procedure. Create users and give privileges as per their roles, thereby prevent your data from unauthorized access

Raw Material

Track / update raw and processed goods required for the product and get a view for planning purchase to maintain the availability of a product

Recipes & Real-time Costing

Build recipes and get food costs for the recipe/item which contributes to the final plate costs and record fluctuation in food cost due to the increase in the purchase price

Stock Status

Give a wide view of available stock which helps to maintain the availability of an item. With Ciferon get an item-wise stock view with a minimum alert and yield value feature

Purchase Master

A complete track of purchase including payable and receivable. Get a record of payment history done with vendors. Restrict purchases by user roles with different prices.

Stock Consumption

Monitor outlets daily, weekly or monthly stock consumption report for the fine-tuning of your stock precisely.

Wastage Master

Get a report of daily wastage done at your outlet. Get a slight view of losses had due to wastage. Use a smart system to master your inventory

Stock Audit

Ciferon has extensive stock auditing capabilities by providing stock logs. Doing regular stock audit will let you know about any loss, theft or missing of products.

Centralized Inventory

An automatic stock synchronization ensures accurate stock visibility and controls order cancellations or returns. Which Maximizes profitability

Purchase Order & GRN

All purchases at a glance. Request or Transfer material from one outlet to another. Print and save goods received the note. Generate GRN And get updated your stock

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