Online Orders

Accept online delivery orders, edit your menu and track online delivery income all from your Ciferon software.

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Online Order

All of the top online order aggregators, including Zomato, Swiggy, and others, are seamlessly integrated with Ciferon PoS. You won’t have to switch screens or tabs to accept orders since you can conveniently handle all of your online orders from just one screen.

If you are putting together a dinner for a special occasion or changing the pricing of your dishes, don’t worry. With Ciferon, these modifications will be seamless across all of your aggregator platforms. Ciferon takes care of adding and changing products on each platform, so you don’t have to.

Menu Updation
& Changes


If you wish to add a specific price to any of your food items, such as a packing charge or extra costs for any toppings or spoons, Ciferon provides you with customizable solutions to do so.

Have you run out of an ingredient and are unable to offer a dish? Don’t be concerned anymore! You can toggle any food dish On or Off using our online ordering integrations, based on the availability of raw ingredients or according to your requirements.

Toggle Dishes

Toggle Outlet

Couldn’t offer online deliveries due to overwhelming dine-in demand? Don’t worry. You may also turn any of your brand’s outlets on or off for reasons such as a lack of workers, a stock shortage, or a big dine-in demand.

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