A Powerful Resort Management Software

With Ciferon, manage your key processes such as customers details, advance booking of rooms & table reservations. Ciferon will provide you all platforms that you need to cover

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Resort Relevant Features

Room Management

Manage your all rooms or villas billing with customer stay details and get the status of all individual rooms

Booking Management

Take the advance booking of your customer & send the message


Split Bills

Split bills by amount, percentage or items & give a customize bills to your customers as they request


Inventory Management

Keep a complete track of your inventory through the stock-in and stock-out feature. View the variance in the stock at the end of the day


Accounting Management

Maintain ledgers & groups by tracking all payable & receivable, also maintain the expenses

Taxes & Discount

GST slab based billing & discount customization option with OTP varification feature

Runs smoothly on all Hardware

Doesn't matter which OS you are using, Ciferon is compatible with Windows, iOS, Android & Linux

Roles & Right Management

Assign rights for the POS and dashboard, limit what your staff can and cannot do on the platform

Supported Hardware

Doesn't matter which computer, laptop or tab you are using, Ciferon is compatible with all type of hardware

Few Suggested Services for Resort


Captain App

Take orders directly from your smartphone, make your outlet digital with Ciferon Captain App. No more hassle!

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Kitchen Display System

Make use of Kitchen Display System and automate your kitchen which increases your kitchen efficiency and restaurant revenue by controlling the wastages

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Feedback Management

The Private feedback feature that lets you focus on what’s truly important for Growing your customer experience. Create powerful online surveys!

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Online Ordering Website

Use our online ordering system to start taking free unlimited online orders & Let your customers order food online directly from your website. No more third party commissions

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White Label Mobile App

With your own branded restaurant online food ordering system, your customers can place orders online directly on your website and mobile app instead of third-party aggregators

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Loyalty Program

Turn first-time buyers into repeat customers by applying a predictable and repeatable strategy for incentivizing customers using Ciferon Loyalty Programs

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