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Manage your inventory easily with Ciferon.

1. Recipes.

Restaurant Inventory Management

2. Purchase.

3. Stock Status.


With Ciferon restaurant inventory software, you can create recipes, add the ingredients needed, keep track of your purchases and wastes, and receive notifications that remind you to reorder when an item hits its reorder level. Also you can fill in commonly ordered products from each supplier automatically to handle any stock dispatch for a specific order.

You can create, customise and keep a close eye on your recipes. Our software allows you to enter recipes and automatically deduct the exact quantity of raw ingredients when an item is billed. Additionally, Ciferon lets you keep an eye on the current food prices.


Raw Material

Generate purchase orders, register stock receipts, manage stock transfers, and track waste to get a complete picture of your supply chain.

Maintain a strategic consistency throughout all of your outlets. With Ciferon, recipes can be instantly updated, materials can be transferred to outlets, GRNs can be created, and all outlets’ consumption can be tracked.

Base Kitchen

Real Time
Food Costing

Ciferon enables you to create the recipes with the correct quantity so that when you punch the bill, the recipe is instantly deducted and your inventory is updated. Ciferon also makes it simple to develop multi-stage recipes. You can also alter your menu pricing to reflect any price changes in raw materials.

To handle a sudden increase of orders, your restaurant has to maintain a minimum level of stock on hand at all times. Configurable notifications will notify you when your supply is close to run out, ensuring that you never run out of essential materials.

Low Stock


Our POS system’s reports provide detailed information on how much of each ingredient is utilized for each menu item sold daily, weekly, and monthly. You can better estimate future demands with this information and order raw materials and commodities in proportions that mirror actual consumption trends. The closer orders match sales estimates based on POS data, the less waste there will be in the restaurant.

The inventory audit module can assist in determining the opening and ending raw materials for each day. Ciferon also keeps track of the supplies that have been requested from various vendors. After periodic audits, you can add the commodities to the stock.


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