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Restaurant menu management

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Item & Category

All the items and categories in the menu are extremely customizable, with various serving sizes and toppings to choose from. You can simply classify your menu items, create variants and charge separately for each personalization using Ciferon.

You can easily categorise add-ons and charge them accordingly. Ciferon has this dynamic feature where you can charge more for the extra pepperoni on a large pizza than on a small pizza.

Addon & Modifier

Setup Multiple

You can have multiple menus with aggregators like Zomato and Swiggy with Ciferon, updating your menu items and pricing and modifying things directly from the software.

With Ciferon’s short-code capability, you can allocate easy codes like CB for Chicken biryani and MB for Mutton biryani for your staff to remember. This has a substantial impact on the rate of software usage and checkout speed.

Short Code For
Quick Billing

Menu Timings

Make some menu items available exclusively at particular times of the day for dine-in and on aggregator platforms using Ciferon.

Handle all your online orders from different aggregators from the software. All aggregators have menu integration with Ciferon, allowing you to update your menu items and pricing, and turn on/off things straight from the software.

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