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Track Everything!
DineIn. Takeaway. Delivery.
Anywhere, Anytime.

Live Billing Tracking

Get every detail of every bill, discounts, taxes on every bill. Get to know which bill was re-printed how many times, which items were edited after adding to the order and why a particular bill was cancelled. Stay alert all the times!

Outlet-Level Reporting

Download reports in excel and send them for taxation and auditing. No manual effors required. Save time, focus on driving sales.

End-to-End Management

Ciferon manages your restaurant end to end. Be it billing or inventory, customer acquisition or retaintion, tracking thefts or handling taxation, Ciferon helps you in every area.

Daily Cash.
No Stealing,
No Gambling

Anti Theft

Keep a clear check on the internal theft of the restaruant. get the immediate notifications and alters on every bill cancellation, editing or altering the bills and reprinting the bills. and void KOTs.

Alerts & Notification

Get the alerts on every actitivies of your restaurant anywhere, anytime. Track the total revenue generated of each outlet with the real time sms and email alerts.

Inventory Auditing, Power to do it all, All at Once.

No manual inventory stocking

Inventory solution helps automates creation of closing stock daily. No wasting hours in counting stock and maintaining in diary. Set your recipes and will be done on the go by Ciferon.

One time master entries

Create one time masters for inventory item prices and map items to vendors. This helps to simply add products in invoices, purchases, wastages and costs and taxes are calculated automatically by Ciferon.

Audit Inventory

Audit inventory helps the inventory team to track down inventory thefts and pilferages. Auditing can help to reduce inventory costs.

Even Ciferon
Doesn't Know How Much You Billed. from whom.
or How much you Earned.

That's Our Promise.

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