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Approaching restaurant integration through Ciferon makes it simpler and easier to manage orders and deliveries for all parties.

App Listing on Marketplace

Owners can choose what best matches their needs by being featured in the marketplace, while partners benefit from increased visibility. An app marketplace increases the number of visitors to a company's website and allows for mutually beneficial and gratifying cooperation with other businesses.

Increase your lead generation

Ciferon gives tech partners a fantastic opportunity to engage eateries in rural areas and new markets by improving exposure. Leads help you avoid wandering in search of your next customer. Leads point you toward fresh revenue opportunities that will help you expand your firm. When you nurture your sales leads, you generate a vital source for attracting more individuals into your sales funnel.

Deeper Collaboration

Imagine a single app that combines client internet orders, central restaurant kitchens, and delivery partners. Deep collaboration tackles difficulties by empowering teams to work intensively together on a joint project without distractions or artificial barriers through a highly interactive, concentrated method. It induces a communal state of extreme focus and productive flow among team members.


When it comes to POS systems, combining physical and digital commerce necessitates a creative strategy. Customers expect businesses to know what they want during their purchasing journeys and provide seamless experiences as they move between different brand outlets, such as online, mobile, and social platforms, to in-person physical locations.

Customer Experience

Cross-channel purchase experiences, such as click and collect or Buy Online Pickup in Store (BOPIS), where customers buy things online and pick them up at a physical location, are made possible by modern POS systems.

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We collaborate with market toppers. Wouldn’t you like to join in with them? Ciferon is also a great choice as a cloud kitchen billing software in India.

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