The Ciferon you love,
love their People

Because different businesses have distinct profiles, they require diverse point-of-sale systems. Ciferon is your best POS system yet, and the most affordable one. And we just don’t make promises; we fulfill them.

Ciferon has a plan.

By 2025 will be the leading POS
all our products will be too.

Our goal is to be the finest software for all food and beverage outlets in India.

Our product gets its biggest upgrade ever. With next-level People & Technology that capture so much more love and details. Super-friendly tool for restaurant and staff. And a mind-blowing marketplace that makes it all possible. It'll change the way you run your restaurant.

We are always there for you.

That's reliability.

We are 3 click billing system .

That's easy to use.

We are always there for you.

That's privacy.

We are most affordable POS.

That's affordability.

Tons of tech behind every bill you punch.

Love you all

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