One screen to manage all your online orders

Accept online orders, maintain your digital menu, and show when food is ready. You can also accept payments and keep track of sales all from one location. This saves you from having to flip between screens.

Discover what Ciferon can do for your online order management

Online Order Integration

Integrate easily with any food aggregator with Ciferon, and manage your order from single dashboard, accept, mark food ready, deliver. as simple it that

Menu Updations & Changes

Menu Updations & Changes

Manage online menu directly from Ciferon POS, add, update, modify whenever you want! customise menu timing, add images and more

Menu Toggle

Toggle Your Items & Outlet On/Off

Running out of stock? manage your menu online status from Ciferon POS. Turn item or category on/off as per your availability

Customisable Charges & Add-Ons

Customisable Charges & Add-Ons

Add customised charges such as packaging charge, container charge, discounts or offer from Ciferon admin panel. No more juggling between here or there

Ciferon is more than just
a online order management software

Billing & Kot

Ciferon's restaurant POS makes it easy to take orders, create bills, and generate KOT. You can accept payments, split bills, merge tables, and apply discounts and coupons effortlessly.

Menu Management

Personalize your restaurant menu to make it better for customers. Add exciting extras, special offers, unique menus, and dynamic pricing options.

Inventory Management

Smartly manage your inventory with instant low-stock alerts, item-wise auto-deduct, create daily closing reports and much more

Reports & Analytics

Receive instant reports on your owner’s app & WhatsApp for day-end sales, inventory, staff activities, and other vital business insights.

Customer Engagement

Ciferon's CRM enables you to monitor, handle, and reward loyal customers, ensuring that your brand forms a unique connection with each customer.

"I've been a Ciferon user for two years, and it has transformed how we manage all our Kamat Restaurants locations, automating operations from top to bottom. The comprehensive integrations and the dedicated support team have been game-changers. I highly recommend Ciferon to any restaurant looking to upgrade their operations."

Dr. Vikram Kamat

Founder & Chairman, VITS Kamat Group

Rated us the recommended Restaurant POS provider

Highly rated as value for money restaurant billing software

Rated as easy to use & user friendly billing software

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, Payment is needed to connect Zomato and Swiggy to the Ciferon online ordering platform. The cost of integration and maintenance is covered by this payment, which guarantees smooth operation and synchronization between the Ciferon platform and online ordering services like Zomato and Swiggy.

It usually takes five to six business days to integrate Zomato and Swiggy with the Ciferon POS. This timeline makes it possible to make all the required setups and modifications, guaranteeing a seamless and effective integration of the online ordering services with the Ciferon POS.

Absolutely, Ciferon gives you the flexibility to change your online menu. You can effortlessly add to and modify your menu through the system’s interface, making sure that your online offers are correct and up to date for customers.

Yes, online orders can use Ciferon’s auto-accept capability. By automatically accepting incoming online orders, this feature expedites order processing, minimizes the need for manual involvement, and guarantees a more effective and smooth experience for the company’s clients.

Ciferon guarantees that if your order is rejected, you will be notified immediately. Meanwhile, the report section will display the specifics of the refused order, enabling you to promptly evaluate and resolve the reasons behind the rejection for a quicker resolution procedure.

Yes, you can place online orders using your payment gateway with Ciferon. The system likely allows integration with various payment gateways, enabling customers to make secure online transactions through the preferred payment methods supported by your business.

Ciferon POS has the flexibility to connect with as many food aggregators as you prefer. This adaptability allows you to expand your online presence and reach a broader customer base by integrating with multiple food aggregators simultaneously.

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