Your restaurant's menu serves as your business card.

Discover the best restaurant menu management software to manage your restaurant menu, manage your online delivery food menu, change prices, add or delete items.

Discover what Ciferon can do for your menu management

Item, Category, Variations _ Add-Ons

Item, Category, Variations & Add-Ons

Use Ciferon to your creative advantage! Your menu items can be easily arranged and customized with distinct prices for variations and add-ons. For a large pizza, charge extra for those extra toppings. Keep it flavorful and lively!

Aggregator Menu Management

Aggregator Menu Management

Are you sick of waiting around for Zomato and Swiggy's menu updates? Here you can use Ciferon to amend your menu, adjust prices, and turn items on and off directly from the POS. Avoid the line and effortlessly maintain your menu current and fresh!

Short-Codes For Quick Billing

Short-Codes For Quick Billing

Are you still using outdated shortcodes for menu items? Enjoy the comfort of familiarity with Ciferon! Give Pav Bhaji Butter simple codes like PBB to increase software adoption and expedite checkout. Keep things quick and easy!

Multiple Menus

Multiple Menus

Customize your products to fit niche markets! Using Ciferon, manage your menu and prices for online orders differently than in-house eating. Set your prices for services and commissions across all channels to maintain control and increase revenue!

Configurable Special Notes

Configurable Special Notes

"Extra spicy, please!" And "No tomatoes, please!" These are regular requests from customers. You can save servers time and advise clients about customization options by creating prepared instructions with Ciferon's special notes.

Customizable Menu Timing

Customizable Menu Timing

No breakfast after 11:00 a.m. or Chef de pastry begins at 4:00 p.m. You can manage the availability of particular menu items using Ciferon, whether they are for dine-in or on aggregator platforms. Choose the ideal time for a flawless eating experience!

Ciferon is more than just
a menu management software

Online Orders

Receive online orders, handle your digital menu, indicate when food is ready, process payments, and track revenue—all in one place without switching between multiple screens.

Billing & Kot

Ciferon's restaurant POS makes it easy to take orders, create bills, and generate KOT. You can accept payments, split bills, merge tables, and apply discounts and coupons effortlessly.

Inventory Management

Smartly manage your inventory with instant low-stock alerts, item-wise auto-deduct, create daily closing reports and much more

Reports & Analytics

Receive instant reports on your owner’s app & WhatsApp for day-end sales, inventory, staff activities, and other vital business insights.

Customer Engagement

Ciferon's CRM enables you to monitor, handle, and reward loyal customers, ensuring that your brand forms a unique connection with each customer.

"I've been a Ciferon user for two years, and it has transformed how we manage all our Kamat Restaurants locations, automating operations from top to bottom. The comprehensive integrations and the dedicated support team have been game-changers. I highly recommend Ciferon to any restaurant looking to upgrade their operations."

Dr. Vikram Kamat

Founder & Chairman, VITS Kamat Group

Rated us the recommended Restaurant POS provider

Highly rated as value for money restaurant billing software

Rated as easy to use & user friendly billing software

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Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! You have the flexibility to update your menu anytime, anywhere.

Certainly! You can spice things up by adding multiple prices for the same item. Just create different price books to make it happen!

Absolutely! You have the power to craft multiple menus, and then it’s as easy as assigning each one to its respective outlet. Simple as that!

Certainly! You’re the boss even from the head office. You can handle all outlet menus, and if you don’t want anyone tweaking or adding stuff to their assigned menu, you’re in control of that too!

Absolutely! Just by setting up multiple price books, it’s as easy as that!

Yes, or in any other language as well. 

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