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Kitchen Display System

Allow your chef to focus on flavour rather than chasing orders. Keep your kitchen running smoothly. Automate the entire ticket-keeping process with Ciferon's KDS. This will help you serve customers quickly.

Discover what KDS can do for your outlet

Display Orders directly on the kitchen screen

Ciferon's KDS allows you to display both online and dine-in orders immediately on your kitchen screen, avoiding confusion.

Eliminate paper KOT

It's time to digitize and remove the paper KOT procedure.

Works on Android and Windows

Ciferon's KDS works flawlessly on both Android and Windows, allowing you to use whichever platform best suits you and your brand.

Display individual KOT and aggregated item list

Your central kitchen will find the procedure easier with the ability to view all KOTs and aggregated item lists of the orders from different tables.

Mark food ready from the kitchen display

No more shouting from the kitchen when the order is ready; instead, you can change the order status directly from the KDS.

Increase kitchen productivity

Your kitchen productivity will undoubtedly rise when every minor and major detail is shown on a single kitchen display screen, allowing you to make quick decisions and run your kitchen effortlessly.

"I've been a Ciferon user for two years, and it has transformed how we manage all our Kamat Restaurants locations, automating operations from top to bottom. The comprehensive integrations and the dedicated support team have been game-changers. I highly recommend Ciferon to any restaurant looking to upgrade their operations."

Dr. Vikram Kamat

Founder & Chairman, VITS Kamat Group

Rated us the recommended Restaurant POS provider

Highly rated as value for money restaurant billing software

Rated as easy to use & user friendly billing software

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Frequently asked questions

Ciferon’s KDS seamlessly functions on any device running Windows or Android.

Yes, You can mark item out of stock or in stock directly from kitchen via KDS. 

Certainly! You have the option to assign distinct cooking stations and utilize KDS to display running orders based on each station.

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