Kitchen Display.

Ciferon offers a comprehensive Kitchen Display System. The Kitchen Display System (KDS) is a kitchen screen that allows you to view KOTs digitally and gather ingredients from various KOTs to reduce preparation time.

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Ciferon KDS provides clarity and avoids order confusion. To handle all orders, a single screen is installed in the kitchen. Assume you received four KOTs, each with one serving of the same dish. An aggregated item list is displayed with the KDS, allowing you to create all four portions at the same time. This cuts down on the time it takes to prepare orders of the same type.

You can easily modify the existing menu or add more dishes with the help of Ciferon. From portable POS to QR-code orders and pay at the table, you’ll have everything you need to create new experiences.

Addon & Modifier


You can have multiple menus with aggregators like Zomato and Swiggy with Ciferon, allowing you to update your menu items and pricing, and modify things directly from the software.

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