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Streamline your delivery game! Accept orders, manage menus, mark food 'ready', and track online delivery revenue – all from your PoS. One-stop control, no fuss!


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An Simple
inventory management software.

Discount Control

Ciferon POS smoothly integrates with major aggregators - Zomato, Swiggy, Amazon, DotPe, and more. No screen hopping! Manage all online orders effortlessly from one screen. Simplifying operations, one click at a time!

Print Control

Spicing up your menu? Introducing a special occasion feast? Changing dish prices? With Ciferon POS, it's a breeze! No manual hassle – update once, and Ciferon syncs it seamlessly across all your aggregator platforms. Easy changes, less stress!

Edit Bills

Toggle Your Items & Outlet On/Off

Out of cheese for pizza or overwhelmed with dine-in orders? No sweat! Online Order Integrations in Ciferon lets you toggle any dish On or Off based on raw material availability. Need to manage outlets? Toggle them On or Off for reasons like low staff, no stock, or a busy dine-in rush. Easy control, no hassle!

Edit Bills

Edit Control

Custom charges on your mind? Ciferon POS has got you covered! Easily add specific charges like packaging for thalis or extras for toppings and cutlery. With Ciferon, it's customization made simple!


Ciferon works easily with any
existing infrastructure

Works Offline

Works on any hardware

Keyboard & Touchscreen view

Support all major OS


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More tools to help you succeed

Your Ciferon account unlocks a powerful system of services that work together.

Inventory Management

Smartly manage your inventory with instant low-stock alerts, item-wise auto-deduct, create daily closing reports and restock raw materials as needed.

Online Orders

Receive online orders, handle your digital menu, indicate when food is ready, process payments, and track revenue—all in one place without switching between multiple screens.

Menu Management

Personalize your restaurant menu to make it better for customers. Add exciting extras, special offers, unique menus, and dynamic pricing options.

Ciferon Firewall

Keep an eye on what you buy for your restaurant, how much your recipes cost, and the prices of the ingredients over time using Ciferon's inventory software.

Reports & Analytics

Receive instant reports on your owner’s app & WhatsApp for day-end sales, inventory, staff activities, and other vital business insights.

Customer Engagement

Ciferon's CRM enables you to monitor, handle, and reward loyal customers, ensuring that your brand forms a unique connection with each customer.

Frequently asked questions

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You will receive notifications in the merchant app, alerting you to any modifications made to bills at your outlet. Additionally, you can check the reports from the admin dashboard for a detailed overview of any changes or modifications in the billing records. This ensures real-time awareness and transparency in monitoring bill modifications within your outlet.

The ability of your manager to delete bills depends on the access permissions granted. If you choose to provide them with the necessary access, they will be able to delete bills. However, it’s essential to configure the access settings according to your preferences and the responsibilities of your manager within the Ciferon system.

Yes, it is possible to print a bill only once with Ciferon. The system offers a feature that allows you to generate and print the bill on demand, ensuring that it is produced only when needed. This can help streamline the billing process and reduce unnecessary printouts.

Yes, as an owner, you can receive an OTP (One-Time Password) whenever your manager attempts to apply for a discount. Ciferon POS provides settings that allow you to enable this additional layer of security, ensuring that you have control and authorization over discount-related actions within the system.

Yes, Ciferon has a passcode or password provision to enhance security within the system. This feature ensures that only authorized users with the correct credentials can access and perform actions within Ciferon, adding a layer of protection to sensitive information and functionalities.

Yes, you can view logs of every activity done by your team in Ciferon. The system provides a comprehensive activity log or audit trail feature that allows you to track and review all actions performed by team members, ensuring transparency and accountability within the platform.

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