5 Ways to Increase Your Restaurant Sales in Summer 2024

Restaurant Sales in Summer

Hello Foodpreneur!

Ready to make your restaurant the talk of the city this summer? When the weather gets warm, people love to eat out and have a good time, mostly in evenings. And guess what? With a few cool changes and some fun ideas, your restaurant can be the place everyone wants to be. so here are the 5 ways to increase your restaurant sales in summer 2024

Imagine this:
Your tables are full, everyone’s having a great time, and you’re the summer hotspot in your city. Sounds good, huh? Let’s get into how you can make that happen with some super simple and fun tips.

1. Shake Up Your Menu for Summer

  • Local and Fresh:
    Use fresh, local stuff to make your dishes scream summer. Bright salads, tasty seafood, and fruity desserts will do the trick.

  • Cool Drinks & Ice-cream:
    Add some summer drinks to your menu. Think about making homemade lemonade or special summer cocktails to keep things chill.

2. Make Your Outdoor Space Awesome

  • Fun Outside:
    If you’ve got space outside, make it super inviting. Some lights, comfy seats, and plants can turn it into a cool summer spot.
  • Special Outdoor Events:
    Think about having BBQ nights, outdoor wine tastings, or even a small market. Make your place the spot to be when the sun’s out.

3. Offers & Discounts for Summer

  • Happy Hours and More:
    Try out longer happy hours or new summer deals. How about discounts when it’s super hot outside?
  • Rewards for Coming Back:
    Get people to come back with a summer rewards program. Maybe a free dessert or drink after they visit a few times.

4. Get Involved with the Local Network (Influencers & bloggers)

  • Work Together:
    Team up with other local businesses for special events or deals. It’s a great way to get noticed and bring in new folks.
  • Up Your Social Media Game:
    Post fun stuff on social media, like pictures of your summer menu or events. Use hashtags, have contests, and chat with your followers.

5. Host Summer Events That Rock

  • Theme Nights:
    Have fun theme nights, like a beach party or a 80s night. They’re great for getting people excited and filling up your restaurant.
  • Live Music:
    Have local bands or DJs play at your place. Live music is always a hit and brings people in.

So there you have it, foodpreneurs! Keeping things fresh, connecting with people, and most of all, having fun with it is what summer at your restaurant should be all about. Your place isn’t just where guest come to eat; it’s where they make their summer memories. So let’s get the music going, light up those outdoor areas, and make this summer unforgettable.

Excited to try these out?
Let’s make a splash this summer together! If you have any cool stories or extra tips, feel free to share. Let’s keep the good times rolling.

Here’s to a summer that’s as amazing as your food!

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Ankit Gupta

Ankit Gupta

Meet Ankit, the creative brain behind and founder of Ciferon! He loves trying new things in company, South Indian food lover who is always discovering worlds of SaaS, technology, user experience and restaurant trends. Drop him a message at ankit@ciferon.com and dive into the fun.
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